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Roll Off System

Roll Off System

Roll Off System Framing

Why Do You Need a Roll-Off Tarp System?

Waste storage, transportation, and recycling present the danger of spillage and environmental degradation. As a result, companies spend a lot of money on damages caused by waste spillage and improper storage. Covering waste safely, before transport, is the law in most states. Additionally, drivers can cover there loads without climbing on the truck, improving safety. At Toledo Tarp, we understand the importance of having a reliable tarping system for your waste transportation and recycling containers. Therefore, we developed complete efficient tarping solutions for both large and small-scale waste transporting and waste management companies.

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Why Toledo Tarp Roll-Off System?

Our roll-off systems offer maximum efficiency & ease of use. The easy to install roll-off system can be operated by a single individual, thereby reducing operating costs. Our systems also offer tight protection, minimizing any shifting or blowing away. Maintaining environmentally responsible operations is effortless with Toledo Tarp.

We understand that each person has different needs when it comes to tarping. Unlike most tarping system providers, our inclusivity approach is what sets us apart. We listen to and accommodate both small and large-scale clients. What does a rolling tarp system cost? Toledo Tarp offers a full system at an all-inclusive price. For $749 you will get the full tarp system and any necessary accessories. Contact us today for more information on sizing & for installation pricing.

Special Features of Toledo Tarp
Roll Off Systems

Although we specialize in manufacturing tarping systems for waste management companies, our roll-off systems have a variety of uses. For over 70 years, we’ve serviced many different industries and needs.

Therefore, we develop custom tarping systems for additional uses including farmers and individual business owners who may wish to have private waste management systems. Our custom roll-off tarping systems aim to provide environmentally responsible storage. They come equipped with a hand crank for easy opening and straps for security purposes. We provide straps & other necessary hardware for each tarping system to ensure easy installation.

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Measuring For Your Roll-Off
Tarp System

Toledo Tarps manufactures custom sizes for our multi-functional roll-off tarp system. For the perfect fit, a few measurements are necessary. Please provide the length (A), width (B), height (C), and the height of the bow* (D). Also, provide the measurements for the inside bows. *10″ rise is standard for the height of your bow.

If you need something quickly, Toledo Tarp offers ready-made standard size Roll-Off Box Tarps and Roll-Off Throw Tarps that fit 20-30 yard truck beds. Our imported tarps are a great inexpensive option for all your tarping needs.

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Roll Off System Diagram
Roll Off System

Cargo Control and Roll-Off Tarp System Parts

Our Roll-Off Tarp systems come with all necessary hardware, including:

  • Ground level hand-crank for use on either end of container
  • Removable, adjustable steel bows.
  • Tarp stops.
  • Heavy duty ratchet and straps.
  • 18 oz. waterproof vinyl tarp.
  • Roll pipe
  • Anchor pipe
  • All fastening & installation hardware.

Maintenance for Roll-Off Tarp

Your Roll-Off Tarp system will require some maintenance and care to ensure its longevity.
Guarantee that your tarp properly fits your truckload. It should fit tightly without stretching. When
not in use, you will want to store your tarp away from sun & rain to extend its life.

Routine maintenance on your tarp will also improve its longevity. Check any straps for any wear or fraying and replace if needed. Clean tarps at least once a year to remove any dirt and debris. It is as simple as hosing it down with soap and water.

Whether you need a roll-off tarp for your waste management container or for your truck, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Please call us today with any questions or concerns. We’ll help you find the exact protective system you’re looking for at an affordable price.

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