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Lok-N-Roll Tarp on Long Container

LOK-N-ROLL Tarping

Lok-N-Roll System on Mac Truck

LOK-N-ROLL Tarping Systems

Lok-N-Roll Tarping systems are perfect for Grain Trucks and Dump Trucks. Specifically because it protects your load from the elements by keeping it fully covered & protected from the rain.

Our systems let you roll your tarp standing safely on the ground so that you can avoid climbing. Therefore, helping to reduce the risk of injury to you or your employees. The easy over and back system also gives you easy access to your loads for loading and dumping. We also offer a variety of sizes so that we can fit your trucking needs.

Lok-N-Roll Tarp Systems

Our system includes:

  • A 22 oz. premium heavy-duty vinyl tarp
  • 1-1/4” schedule 40 steel pipe slides into a reinforced sleeve
  • Heavy-duty crank (The crank locks onto side of trailer)
  • Bolt pipe on passenger side to secure tarp to trailer
  • Roll stops to “catch” the tarp when rolled
  • 7/8” solid aluminum bows with pockets
  • End caps
  • Front return and retainers
  • Lok tracks

If you have questions or would like to order multiple units call 18008358277.

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Available Sizes:

LOK-N-ROLL 102in SystemLOK-N-ROLL 96in System
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 12LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 12
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 14LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 14
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 16LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 16
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 20LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 20
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 22LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 22
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 24LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 24
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 26LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 26
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 28LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 28
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 30LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 30
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 32LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 32
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 34LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 34
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 36LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 36
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 38LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 38
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 40LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 40
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 42LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 45
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 45LOK-N-ROLL 96 X 48
LOK-N-ROLL 102 X 48Custom Sizes Available
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