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Pool Cover Repairs

Toledo Tarp Pool Cover

Why you should repair your pool cover?

When your pool cover has holes in it, it makes your pool susceptible to all the elements. Even smalls hole can start to cause issues with your pool. Here are 5 reasons on why you should have a hole free pool cover:

  • It helps conserves water and slows down evaporation which helps you save on the water bill.
  • It helps retain heat which makes your swimming experiences much more enjoyable.
  • Cuts down on pool chemicals which will also save you money
  • Helps keeps out leaves, dirt, and debris which will help cut down on maintenance time
  • If your cover has holes, it can also cause your cover to not be safe. Holes in the cover allow for it to sink easier.

If your cover received holes during the winter months, don’t waste your money on a brand-new cover. Save money and have it repaired.

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