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Flip Tarp System

Flip Tarp Systems

Easy Cover Flip Tarp System

Our flip tarp systems are extremely versatile and built to last. Also referred to as an Arm Tarp, Swing Arm Tarp, Mousetrap Tarp, or Automatic Tarp, it is the perfect component to your dump truck, dump trailer, or roll-off container. We can mount the flip tarp system on truck bodies that are 48 feet long. These systems are available in both manual and automatic options and feature a front-mounted roller bar plus a tarp arm to pull the tarp from front to back. We offer custom options to configure the tarp systems to your specific needs. Looking for a heavy-duty, easy-to-use tarp system? Toledo Tarp can help get you on the road in seconds.

Flip Tarp System

Why Choose a Flip-Tarp System?

Flip tarp systems are great for hauling. From gravel trucks and trailers, to dump trucks, to roll-off bins, and garbage trucks. Toledo Tarp can cover it all. Our flip tarp systems come with a heavy-duty black mesh tarp, perfect for allowing air to pass through without substantial pull on the aluminum tarp arms.

These systems are very quick and easy to use. This allows you to get on the road within minutes. Toledo Tarp offers both manual and automatic options, a variety of motor, tarp, and mounting alternatives are available. All of our Flip Tarp Systems mount from the ground, therefore they are safe and it is easy to check your gear before hitting the road. The systems come equipped with strong aluminum arms & aluminum wind deflectors, rendering them unbreakable with normal use.

Customized to meet your needs. All Toledo Tarp Flip Tarp Systems are fully customizable. Available in different lengths and with automatic and manual options, we can create the tarp that works for you.

Our Flip Tarp Systems are built to last. Not only are our tarps completely customizable,

Special Features of Toledo Tarp
Flip Tarp Systems

Toledo Tarp manufactures a high-torque electric tarp system or manual hand crank combined with steel or aluminum swing arm bow, allowing the tarp to elevate over the load for easy load containment from the safety of ground level. Additionally, our versatile system mounts truck bodies that are up to 48 feet in length and can cover a variety of materials including sand, gravel, dirt, grain, asphalt, sludge, construction debris, waste, or vegetation. The flip tarp system is best for construction and heavy-duty tasks when getting on the road quickly is important.

The Flip Tarp utilizes a series of externally mounted springs near the bottom center of the truck or trailer bed. The spring assemblies connect to “arms” that extend the tarp over the load for quick and easy covering.

The flip-tarp system includes an aluminum windshield and endplates. It comes rigged with a heavy-duty black mesh tarp or a vinyl alternative for asphalt applications.

As more and more states establish tarping laws, each are may have different laws implemented. Therefore, knowing what DOT laws are in effect is important when you operate a truck with a flip-tarp system.

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Manual or Automatic
Flip Tarp System?

When choosing your tarping system, Toledo Tarp offers both manual and automatic options. With a manual crank, you control how fast the tarp opens and closes. This is beneficial when you have material or cargo that mounds Manual systems allow you to slow down or stop altogether when a problem arises.

However, automatic systems allow for opening and closing with the flip of a switch, getting you on the road faster. An automatic system comes in handy during any inclement weather and it also gives you time to check the rest of the system for stability & any problems that may arise.

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Flip Tarp System

Toledo Tarp Flip Tarp System
Equipment and Accessories

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If you’re looking for a Flip Tarp System to save you time and money, contact Toledo Tarps for a free quote and estimate. We will answer any questions and help you cover and uncover your load within seconds.

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