Ready Made Tarps

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Save Money With Our PREMIUM Imported Ready-Made Lumber, Steel, and Roll-Off Tarps.

We’ve imported many of our most frequently ordered custom tarps to save you time and money. Imported tarps are a great inexpensive option for your tarping needs.  Don’t have time to wait for a repair? We can get you back on the road with a brand new tarp in a fraction of the time and at a surprisingly low cost.

Now available:  Our NEW lightweight tarp is made of 14oz vinyl. This is the perfect tarp for flatbed trucks and comes at an affordable price.

All of our Ready-Made tarps are of the highest quality and include brass grommets, D-ring pads with chrome D-rings, and heat-sealed seams for extra longevity. All our tarps have 15 D-rings per row. Our 16ft tarps feature two rows of D-rings per side, while the 20ft and 24ft tarp has three rows per side.

Select from the list below to add to your shopping cart. We will ship them anywhere but invite you to stop in the next time your route takes you near Exit 71 on the Ohio Turnpike.