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2" x 30' Ratchet Strap

long handle ratchet rated capacity 10,000 lbs
From €14.62

3/8" x 16'

Dichromate transport chain w/clevis grab hook ends, Grade 70 gold Rated capacity 19,800 lbs Working load limit 6,600 lbs

60" Heavy Duty Aluminum Corners-Pair

Our unique design for added strength. Stakes stops and tarp caddies can be welded on.

60" Heavy Duty Aluminum Stakes

Our unique design for added strength. Stakes stops and tarp caddies can be welded on.

Simplified Roll Tarp Systems

Avoid Climbing and the chance of injury with our Simplified Roll Tarp system. Easy over and back allows for easy access to your loads for dumping. System includes a 22oz. vinyl tarp with triple hems and reinforced grommets, the 1-1/4" schedule 40 aluminum pipe slides into a reinforced sleeve, a long handle crank with heavy duty u-joint for easy cranking, bolt pipe on passenger side to secure tarp to trailer, ratchet straps mounted on plates for a tight fitting tarp, roll stops to "catch" the tarp when rolled, 7/8" solid aluminum rod bows with pockets, ropes, rubber straps, and a name stencil.

Steel Tarp

Double Drops, Reinforced grommets, or d-rings 18 oz vinyl, any color
From €172.22

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The folks at Toledo Tarp Service welcome you to our Web site! Here, you'll find information about what we do best: create tarping systems for any size truck that protects any size load. We also manufacture and sell side kits and accessories to make your trip safer, easier, and more profitable. We invite you to look around our site. Please drop us a line if you have a question or concern. For pricing information, go to the Request for Quote page and let us know what you are looking for.

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