Toledo Tarp Affiliate Program Toledo Tarp, the leader in trucking accessories has an affiliate referral program which is available to sites based in the United States. Approved sites will be paid a 3% referral commission on all orders placed on the Toledo Tarp website by customers referred from your site. This referral qualifies during initial entry to the Toledo Tarp website. Subsequent reentries to the Toledo Tarp by a customer from your website will result in requalifying sales commissions. The commission is paid on the total sale excluding tax, shipping, and any other service fees which may be associated with the particular order. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis and only include commissions accrued by your site from the previous month. Each website in the affiliate program receives a separate link to Toledo Tarp for tracking purposes. Links cannot be transferred for any reason from one website to another without the written approval from Toledo Tarp. The link provided by Toledo Tarp may only be placed on one website, but may appear in multiple location on the same website. If graphical ads are needed for the affiliate link (such as banner, tower, or other), these will be supplied by Toledo Tarp or an agent thereof at no cost to you. Approval into this program will be based upon the completion of a short application and review of your website. A separate application must be completed for each website you wish to place the affiliate link on. A previously accepted application does not cause for the automatic approval of another site from the same operator. Toledo Tarp reserves the right to deny any application for any reason including those from sites which push a political or social agenda, encourage any type of illegal behavior, or do not show at least an indirect affiliation with Toledo Tarp’s target market. Toledo Tarp also reserves the right to cease the affiliate program at any time or to cease the affiliate opportunity to any site.